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Automated Watering Systems for Your Garden

Providing your plants with the water they need consistently throughout the year is a difficult task for most of us particularly over the warm holiday season months. Irrigation systems have been developed to cater for any style of planting in any situation and will greatly accelerate the establishment of a new planting plan.

Pop Up Sprinklers

The most popular choice for keeping your lawn green and lush, these sprinklers work on the build up of pressure so that they ‘pop up’ above the lawn surface during watering but due to their low positioning in the ground can be mown over with ease. The best time to install pop up sprinklers is before laying a new lawn but it can also be done at a later date by carefully lifting the turf to dig the required trench underneath.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a relatively cheap yet effective system to provide water to larger areas such as mixed or raised borders in your garden. The perforated sections in the supply pipe occur every 30cm so you simply wind the pipe through the planting area and peg it into place as required.

Leaky Pipe

Another commonly used method of irrigation is leaky or porous pipe which slowly releases water over its entire area. Good for areas with lower water pressure.


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