Jacksons Venetian Hit And Miss Fence Panels

  • All timber used throughout is superior quality Jakcure® treated softwood guaranteed for 25 years
  • Designed for use with slotted Jakposts
  • Stainless steel fixings are used throughout for longer life
  • All timber is planed all round for a high quality finish
  • Product is stacked to make higher panel
  • Allows light and air through
  • Offers more privacy than traditional Venetian Fence Panels
  • Contemporary design that looks good from both sides
  • Panels manufactured in two heights 0.607m / 0.907m and can be combined
  • Browse our many different fence panel options
  • Please call our sales team for gate options in this design

Product Information

A variation on the Venetian fence panel theme, and just like that style panel; our Venetian Hit and Miss looks contemporary and sleek, complementing the suburban garden as well as more traditional style gardens beautifully – and there the resemblance ends – in the battle for more light, versus less privacy, the Venetian Hit and Miss panel wins on both counts.

The horizontal slats that are usually only on the front of Venetian are also on the other side, these are fixed to cover the space between the slats on the first side with the slats alternating, in much the same way as hit and miss panels are made. Which means some air and light can still pass through, but the view through is obscured. Another big benefit is they are ‘good both sides’ so you and your neighbours don’t have a view of rails, which can be a bone of contention.

The additional slates required to make these panels ‘good-both-sides’, also makes them quite heavy, so for ease of handling we offer them in two heights both at 1.83m wide supplied along with a panel width cut-down kit. To achieve a taller fence, the panels can be stacked – for example stacking two 0.907m panels will give you 1.807m high.

The panels are designed for use with slotted Jakposts and gravel boards.

We recommend using capping rails to add the finishing touch to these frameless panels. For mathcing garden gates please speak to our sales team.

Please note: we do not manufacture 1.83m x 1.83m Venetian Hit and Miss panels. If you would like to create a 1.8m high panel combine 2x 0.907m panels.

These fence panels can also be used in combination with other panels, so this opens up all sorts of possibilities. We have experimented by installing 2 x 0.907m panels on top of each other to create a 1.8m high panel Venetian Hit and Miss – next to a 1.2m Tongue and Groove effect vertical panel with a 0.607m Venetian Hit & Miss panel on top of the combination. It’s an attractive and unusual effect when you alternate these in a run as shown in the photos above.

Taller variants can be achieved by stacking these panels, up to 2.4m tall, using heavy slotted posts. Please note you may require planning permission from your local planning department if you fence height exceeds 2m, so please do check.

If you need a narrower panel to complete your fence, it is fine to cut a panel to the correct size on site. Please remember to treat any cut ends with Jakcure End Grain Preservative.

Common fence panel combinations:

  • 2 x 0.907m panels = 1.8m fence
  • 1 x 0.907m & 1 x 0.607m = 1.5m fence


Horizontal Slats 45mm x 16mm

Gap between slats is 30mm

Panels can be stacked to create higher fence

Venetian Hit & Miss Panels Heights (1.83m wide)

0.607m / 0.907m

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